ice-cream-cone-1274894_640The ideal composition for an ice cream is as follows:

• The minimum fat content is 10% and premium ice creams can contain as much as 16% milk fat
• 9-12% milk solids-not-fat. This component known as the serum solids contains the proteins (caseins and whey proteins) and carbohydrates (lactose) found in milk.
• 12-16% sweeteners (usually a combination of sucrose and glucose-based corn syrup sweeteners).
• 0.2-0.5% stabilizers and emulsifiers
• 55% to 64% water, which comes from the milk or other ingredients.

These percentages are by weight, either in the mix or in the frozen ice cream. However, when frozen, about one half of the volume of ice cream is air.

New flavors of ice cream are produced day by day. But as a research says, Chocolate and vanilla are more popular by ice-cream lovers.

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