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Ben & Jerry's 'One Sweet Whirled'

"Caramel & Coffee Ice Creams with Marshmallow & Caramel Swirls & Coffee Flavored Fudge Chips"
KRIS - Total: 12 (out of 20)
I love coffee. I just had my morning 4 oz. about 15 minutes ago! Disclaimer: I like hot coffee; not lukewarm, not iced and for Pete's sake, no Starbuck's Frappuccino® bottles! Something about cold coffee gives me the willies. I was skeptical tasting Ben & Jerry's "One Sweet Whirled." I just knew the coffee taste would be overbearing. But, as a taster, I try everything!

I ordered the small scoop and the ice cream barista handed it over. It was milky brown with abundant "coffee chips." The marshmallow was visibly gooey. The scoop was perfectly round since the marshmallow made the concoction soft and easy to scoop.

The first thing I noticed was the texture of the ice cream. It almost seemed like the ice cream had been out of the freezer for awhile. It was too soft. I am sure it was an after effect of the marshmallow being folded into the mix. If you have ever been to a Marble Slab Creamery you'd know what I mean. I personally like my ice cream a little harder and firmer.

Unbelievably though, this was really good ice cream. There was not an overbearing coffee taste. The caramel balanced it out extremely well. I could eat this ice cream!

The issue I had with this flavor is that on the menu the chips are billed as "coffee chips." The chips in the ice cream were chocolate, no doubt! Now, since I am a chocolate lover, I had no problems. However, as a consumer, I want to know that what is stated on the menu is what I am getting in my ice cream!

On a quality note, I can never complain about Ben & Jerry's ice cream. This company is top notch. But -- isn't there always a "but?" -- if you eat the soft coffee/caramel/marshmallow ice cream first and saved the chips in your mouth to crunch on later, you will find that the chips taste a little too waxy and don't have much punch. That could be on purpose. Maybe I'll call Ben & Jerry's.
FRED - Total: 16 (out of 20)
Having given up chocolate for Lent, and staring at choices of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, my ice cream options were pretty much limited to Vanilla and French Vanilla. With Kris putting the scoop in my hands to pick the flavor, I gave the list another once-over and happened upon "One Sweet Whirled". In the Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop, the ingredients are listed as "Caramel & Coffee Ice Creams with Marshmallow & Caramel Swirls & Coffee Flavored Chips." That certainly sounded better than Vanilla and French Vanilla on a day where I was looking for some oomph! from my ice cream.

For an ice cream loaded with so many ingredients, "One Sweet Whirled" still manages to look both appealing and appetizing. The marshmallow is a bit more difficult to pick out than the caramel swirls and chips, but the overall presentation is good.

And if the presentation is good, then the taste was outstanding! This is an ice cream that has made its way on to my "Strongly Consider" list just based on the taste. However, there was one small problem. Remember those "Coffee Flavored Chips?" Well, it turns out they're actually "Coffee Flavored FUDGE Chips." I was a bit disappointed that I had been somewhat duped into having chocolate, but I stayed strong for the team and finished my ice cream, fudge and all. Overall, I was surprised at how the flavors of the ice cream mixed together with no one flavor overpowering the others. It was a mix that worked.

When you put marshmallow into anything, the goo factor is certain to increase. While I normally wouldn't like the gooey consistency of "One Sweet Whirled" if it were a "normal" ice cream, I was okay with it in this instance. It was a bit difficult to get a spoonful of ice cream, but I was willing to sacrifice for the taste.

As with most ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, "One Sweet Whirled" was a bit on the pricey side compared to ordinary ice cream. But "One Sweet Whirled" is no ordinary ice cream. It's a wonderful concoction that was put together in the right way. It's a treat to eat and a good value when all things are considered.

I will be looking for "One Sweet Whirled" the next time I go to Ben & Jerry's for sure. And for the environmentalists out there, you can eat "One Sweet Whirled" knowing that a portion of the profits will be going to reduce Global Warming. You can read more about the Ben & Jerry's and Dave Matthews Band partnership with "One Sweet Whirled" at