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"Ordinary People in Search of Extraordinary Ice Cream"


Dove 'Unconditional Chocolate'

"Chocolate Ice Cream with Original DOVE Chocolate Swirls and Milk Chocolate Chunks"
KRIS - Total: 18 (out of 20)
Dove has done nothing but impress me. This is the second flavor we have tasted and I can't decide which one I like better; "Unconditional Chocolate" or "Beyond Vanilla." This is the super-premium premium as far as I am concerned. You will pay a price. It's called fat and cholesterol. If you are willing to make that sacrifice, you are in for a real treat. This ice cream has 55% of your daily value of saturated fat in ½ cup of ice cream!

What promised chocolate ganache, chocolate chunks and chocolate swirls in chocolate ice cream delivered! And for some reason, with all that chocolate, it wasn't too sweet. WARNING: A sugar buzz will ensue! This is chocolate inundation!

The exterior was similar to Dove "Beyond Vanilla." An alteration to the cover included a picture of the chocolate ice cream on a brown background. This picture does not pull you attention. In fact, I kind of glossed over it because there was no contrast. Masterfoods used red behind the Dove logo. I assume that this color decision ties in with the word, "Unconditional" as in "Unconditional Love" (or as in, "You will need a new heart after eating this ice cream").

Something is wrong with the way our local 7-11 receives or stores the ice cream. Both times that I have purchased the Dove ice cream there, it seems as though the ganache has melted somewhere between the factory and the 7-11 shelves and refrozen. This melting causes the ganache to seep outside of the container and cause a mess. Inside, it reforms and I am sure the folks at the Dove plant would not be too happy to hear this fact as it does not look like they intended.

Again, there is a ¼" gap between the chocolate ganache topping of the ice cream and the lid. I believe this is the closest to "full" the Dove folks can get if they want the Dove logo to firm up on the ganache and not be destroyed by placing the lid on the top of the wet ganache before it hardens.

Uncapping the lid, I could smell chocolate from almost 2 feet away. Oh yeah! The ganache was just as tasty as the time before with it's smooth taste. It is very light in taste for being such a dark colored piece of chocolate. This ganache is the same ganache you would find on the exterior of a Dove Ice Cream bar.

The texture of the ice cream was so smooth, rich and creamy. There was no mistake that this was chocolate ice cream. The sugar mixed with the cocoa was just right. The chocolate was almost between a milk chocolate and semi-sweet. This ice cream has a special bonus that sends it up into extra ordinary! The best thing about the Dovebar to me is the chocolate coating. Once you eat all of the coating, you are left with just ice cream. WELL-not with this flavor! There are pieces of chocolate coating dispersed throughout the ice cream! My ice cream prayers have been answered! In every bite, you will eat chocolate ice cream and the thick chocolate coating.

I admit that I ate more than a serving of this ice cream before deciding enough was enough. After the eating frenzy ceased; I realized I could use a tall glass of water. The chocolate caught up with me and wow, given to a chocolate lightweight the flavor might get to be too rich and sweet. (I'm just glad I am in the Heavyweight Division.)
FRED - Total: 19 (out of 20)
Kris surprised my by bringing in another flavor of Dove ice cream. This time, we were tasting Dove "Unconditional Chocolate" (doesn't everybody wish they could get some unconditional chocolate every once in a while?) and, once again, she said she picked up the pint at a 7-Eleven store. I don't understand how Dove can sell such a delicious line of ice creams only at convenience stores. Don't they know that people who shop at the grocery store want good ice cream, too?

I definitely like the look of the Dove pint ice creams. Dove "Unconditional Chocolate" ice cream was no exception. Everywhere you look on the container, you'll see some version of chocolate. Whether it's the chocolate swirl background, the chocolate ice cream picture, the word "Dove" looking like it's written in chocolate syrup, or elsewhere, there's no mistaking that chocolate lies underneath the lid. I was ready to dig in!

Kris opened the lid and peeled the seal off the top. Just like with the previous Dove ice cream we tasted, Dove "Unconditional Chocolate" ice cream had a chocolate ganache layer on top. And, again just like before, the chocolate ganache layer had the Dove logo embossed in it. I said it before and I'll say it again that this is a very nice touch. This puts the "super" in Super Premium ice cream. The only downside to the chocolate ganache layer is that it prevents Dove from filling the ice cream all the way to the top. You lose a good 1/8-inch or so of ice cream because of how they have to package it. A minor issue, and really the ONLY issue with this ice cream, but you still want ice cream full to the top; at least I do.

As a chocolate lover, I have a pretty distinct idea about what chocolate I like and what I don't. Dove "Unconditional Chocolate" ice cream is a chocolate I like. A lot! This ice cream is super chocolaty. First, there's the chocolate ganache layer on top. Under that is chocolate ice cream and within that are pieces of chocolate. When Dove says there are "chocolate chunks" in this ice cream, they're not kidding. It's as if they broke off a bunch of pieces of extra chocolate ganache inside the ice cream. This makes the chocolate inside the ice cream mix well with the chocolate ganache above the ice cream and all of it mixes together to form a chocoholic's dream!

Within Dove's "Unconditional Chocolate" ice cream, the size of the chocolate chunks varied from fairly small to fairly large. There were no pieces that were abnormally large, but there were a ton of chunks inside. With every bite, you're sure to get at least one chunk of chocolate and more than likely two. At one point I wondered if there were maybe too many chunks of chocolate in the ice cream, but I quickly shut myself up with that crazy idea by taking another bite. This ice cream is super rich and super smooooooooth; both very much like a Dovebar.

Overall, this is truly an extraordinary ice cream and, quite possibly, the very definition of extraordinary ice cream. However, this ice cream should come with a warning label: "Warning: this ice cream is so good, you'll eat a single serving (or two) before you realize it." I only say that because it's what I did.

Oh, and I can't forget the sugar high! Of course, what do you expect after eating chocolate ice cream with chocolate ganache and chocolate chunks?