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Blue Bunny 'Cinnamon'

"Cinnamon Ice Cream"
KRIS - Total: 18 (out of 20)
I am not sure I had ever heard of cinnamon ice cream before Fred revealed the Blue Bunny Cinnamon for our tasting. I had no idea how it would taste or if I thought it would be good or bad. I was simply at a loss which made me completely objective! Blue Bunny ice creams are available in both pints and half gallon sizes; this one the latter, was completely shrink wrapped! I could tell Fred was in heaven and I anticipate a big line in his review on this single detail! I have never seen a shrink wrapped carton and thought this was really interesting. The carton was the classic "open on the end" rectangle that I haven't seen in years. I have no doubt in my mind that this block of ice cream could fit into the Tupperware ice cream saver. (So few ice creams can do that now because of their shape.)

The scoops on the cover looked like cinnamon specks in creamy butter colored ice cream! The transparent fall leaves under the flavor title gave me the true sense that this feature flavor was meant for the fall season. The Blue Bunny blue logo completely contrasted with the light yellow/orange background making the title pop and ask for attention.

Inside of the container was exactly the same look as the picture on the front of the container. This type of consistency is rarely found. Now, given that it's not too hard to replicate cinnamon specks when other flavors have other bigger ingredients, the color of the ice cream itself was spot on. The placement of the specks was well represented. For instance there was not a swirl of cinnamon inside when it was not displayed on the container. There were thousands of cinnamon specks. In fact, this ice cream reminded me of the Mexican dessert "fried ice cream."

Upon tasting the ice cream, I was glad Fred picked this flavor. It never would have dawned on me to pick Cinnamon. What a wonderful hidden treasure of an ice cream. It was creamy alright and the cinnamon tasted like the cinnamon sugar found on a store bought cinnamon graham cracker. I could not differentiate a cinnamon speck from the ice cream. It was not gritty in any way. While the ice cream itself had only a faint cinnamon smell to it, the aftertaste was wonderfully cinnamon! It was not overwhelming, the cinnamon to vanilla ratio could not have been better.

This flavor would be great with coffee after Thanksgiving dinner or any time during the fall. Even though it is cold, it gives you the warm fall feeling and the urge to start a fire in the fireplace! And...with the 22% DV Saturated Fat, it's almost diet compared to super premium brands.
FRED - Total: 19 (out of 20)
I've never seen much Blue Bunny ice cream anywhere except our local convenience store. Even then, the selections available ranged from Vanilla to somewhere around Strawberry. Finding anything out of the ordinary was not likely. Then, I visited my local Super Wal-Mart and found that they had a huge selection of Blue Bunny ice cream. They had various sizes and types of ice cream and I decided to get Blue Bunny Cinnamon ice cream for us to sample.

Blue Bunny Cinnamon ice cream is a Blue Bunny "Feature Flavor" and comes in a rectangular half-gallon paper container. The container was wrapped, meaning it was easy to see that it was sealed from the outside. I picked this ice cream partly because it was a Blue Bunny "Feature Flavor," but also because the container and ice cream pictured looked good. The scoops of ice cream on the cover were definitely tempting and the rolls of cinnamon were a nice touch (though not as tempting as maybe a cinnamon roll).

I took a look at the rest of the package and thought the "iScream Team" looked like it could be fun and liked the "Blue Bunny State of Mind" ("It is impossible to eat Blue Bunny ice cream without smiling..."). After that, we opened the container from the side (oh yes, this is an old school container!) and took a smell of the ice cream inside. Blue Bunny Cinnamon ice cream has a delicious cinnamon smell. That may seem obvious, but that's not always the case. It's always nice when an ice cream company nails the smell of the ice cream they're producing and Blue Bunny did just that. Also seemingly obvious, though not always the case, the ice cream inside looked just like the ice cream pictured on the cover! I'm not just talking about a generalization. No, the ice cream inside the container had the same color, specks, and every other visual characteristic of the ice cream pictured on the container. Again, nice.

Finally, it was time to taste Blue Bunny Cinnamon ice cream. I'll admit that I love the taste of cinnamon and this ice cream did not let me down. This is cinnamon like you expect from cinnamon rolls. This is cinnamon like you expect from those wonderful wintertime treats. This is cinnamon ice cream like it should be. There is no doubt that this ice cream would go great with hot chocolate or any other wintry drinks. The taste is subtle enough to eat a lot of the ice cream, but strong enough to get the point across.

The only downside to Blue Bunny Cinnamon ice cream is that the texture is not quite what I prefer. It works okay, but it's just not quite my style. Still, the taste was consistent throughout the ice cream and there's not much else to say about the ice cream except to say that it was great!

One last note about this ice cream. Almost everybody has heard of Ben & Jerry's, Edy's, Breyers, etc., but I was talking about this ice cream with someone the other day and mentioned Blue Bunny and another person who had overheard the conversation asked, "Blue Bunny ice cream?!" I proceeded to explain Blue Bunny ice cream and couldn't help but wonder how Blue Bunny could have "quality since 1913" and still not be a major player in the ice cream industry. How did this woman, who knew of every other ice cream manufacturer I named, not know Blue Bunny? I suppose it doesn't matter too much, but I do hope they remain enough of a player to bring back their Cinnamon ice cream!