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Sheer Bliss 'California Pomegranate'

"All Natural Gourmet Ice Cream"
KRIS - Total: 19 (out of 20)
DISCLAIMER: This ice cream was given to by Sheer Bliss Ice Cream.

I've never seen ice cream come in a tin before! Sheer Bliss pints of ice cream come in a keepsake tin that is reusable, which I think is a great idea for this niche ice cream. The idea is very cute, but I couldn't help but wonder if it will make the ice cream taste differently being that there is metal touching the ice cream and not a paper carton. You know how beer tastes differently depending on what kind of container it comes from; glass or aluminum? I also wondered if the packaging pushes the price up noticeably. In the end the design on the packaging could have been boring and ugly and it would not have mattered, the fact that it was in the tin was just plain cool. One bad note; because this is such an unusual packaging gimmick, consumers might pass it by in the freezer section because they might not realize its ice cream.

Sheer Bliss seems to specialize in the pomegranate flavor. We received seven pints of the Sheer Bliss line, most of which had the POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice as the main flavor. Flavors included Freedom (Vanilla with Pomegranate and Blueberry Swirl), Pomegranate with Dark Chocolate Chips and Vanilla with Pomegranate Swirls; but we opted to try straight up California Pomegranate. And did we pick a good one! The ice cream is listed All Natural, which is always a plus in my eyes.

If anyone should have a vested interest in making ice cream, its residents of a warm state like Florida. Sheer Bliss comes out of Hallandale Beach, Florida and I am sure the natives are grateful. Hopefully anyone eating this ice cream is active and eats in small doses. This ice cream is the fattiest I have had yet at 66% DV for Saturated Fat hence the justified label of "Ultra Super Premium" ice cream.

After unwrapping the seal on the tin and opening the lid, we saw that the ice cream was super smooth looking and flat. The color was what I like to call "pomegranate and cream." You could almost mistake this for a sorbet color (color only not sorbet texture). The color was consistent throughout and a faint pomegranate smell could be wafted from the can to your nose as the smell is not potent.

The consistency analysis goes as follows-very hard to scoop and super creamy. I liked the consistency very much, especially the way the ice cream looks in the bowl. Because the size of the container is a pint, a very small scooper should be used...which might help stay true to the very small amount of ice cream you should consume from this container! The California Pomegranate flavor had no pomegranate bits or pieces of fruit. Straight up fruit juice went into this ice cream, not the fruit itself.

The taste was delicious! Tangy, tart and sweet all in one spoonful! This is my kind of flavor! As I was swirling it in my mouth, I realized that it reminded me of a Jell-O mold that I had tasted around the holidays with some sort of berry Jell-O and cream cheese in the ingredients. It's a creamy fruit flavor that is not very familiar, but very yummy. California Pomegranate had a great aftertaste and sort of gave me a refreshed feeling. As for the concern about the ice cream tasting funny because it has touched tin...a non-factor. The ice cream was delicious from edge to middle.

(Note: This ice cream has just started to distribute so it might not be in your state. To request Sheer Bliss in your grocery store, go to: and select Buy Store Locator. If the ice cream is not in your state, you can download a .pdf to fill out for your grocer.)
FRED - Total: 19 (out of 20)
DISCLAIMER: This ice cream was given to by Sheer Bliss Ice Cream.

I love the tin container! Besides being something that I can hang onto and use to store things in, fill up with other goodies, or whatever, I can see Sheer Bliss' tin ice cream container being easy to recognize in the ever-growing landscape of ice cream containers in your grocery store's freezer section. Not only that, but the picture of a pomegranate on the container of Sheer Bliss "California Pomegranate" ice cream is large and obvious, which would likely make this ice cream even easier to find (and, presumably, buy).

Despite the container being made of tin and the good size picture of a pomegranate, the Sheer Bliss "California Pomegranate" ice cream container is relatively non-descript and this is an instance where the phrase, "less is more," is true. The container is elegant, rather than extravagant. This is an ice cream container that says, "you're about to eat the best ice cream you've ever had," without bombarding you with over-done marketing. And you have to love the "All natural. No artificial coloring or flavors. No preservatives added," part. After all that looking at the container, it was time to find out what pomegranate ice cream tasted like.

When we opened the tin container of Sheer Bliss "California Pomegranate" ice cream (which was sealed on the outside!), it wasn't quite full to the top. I'm not sure that would work with tin containers the same way that it does with paper containers, but I honestly don't know. I also don't know what I expected in terms of the color of the ice cream, but it wasn't what I saw. When I think about it, a pomegranate is purple-ish and the pomegranate ice cream was purple-ish, so it was probably just me. No, scratch that, it WAS just me.

Finally, it was time to taste Sheer Bliss "California Pomegranate" ice cream. The texture of the ice cream was very creamy, which is not quite what I prefer from my ice cream. I know "very creamy" sounds divine, but I have a preference towards ice cream that's just a bit more firm than this one. But, that's where my nitpicking ends. The flavor of this ice cream is absolutely amazing. It hit my tongue and my mouth was instantly filled with a rich and lasting taste of pomegranate. Bite after bit of the ice cream produced the same wonderful taste. And it's a taste that you know what it is, but it's not overpowering; it's just right. The color and flavor of the ice cream remained consistent throughout the tin container (probably because it's not artificial) and I was tempted to make sure this was true by "sacrificing" myself and eating the entire tin of ice cream. Hey, every once in a while you have to give it up for the team.

In the end, Sheer Bliss "California Pomegranate" ice cream delivers on its promise. It smells good. It looks good. It tastes good. It's everything you hope an ice cream will be. This ice cream is, indeed, sheer bliss.