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Atkins Endulge 'Vanilla Fudge Swirl'

"Finish a special Atkins® dinner with this rich and creamy dessert. Our Super Premium ice cream has only 3g Net Carbs per 4-oz. (1/2-cup) serving."
KRIS - Total: 5 (out of 20)
So who hasn't heard of the Low-Carb Diet? It has got to be the most talked about diet these days. No diet since the 80s has changed the face of so many products you purchase. Back then it was the "Low Fat, No Fat" gimmick. All you have to do today is venture down any aisle in any super market to find 'Low Carb This" and "Reduced Carb That." So with this in mind, Fred and I felt obliged to try the newest in Akins bliss; Endulge Super Premium Ice Cream.

Fred picked a classic; Vanilla Fudge Swirl, of which I am a big fan. What better ice cream to put chocolate syrup on than Vanilla Fudge Swirl? I have to tell you before I even start that I am not a diet-food eater. I will go for the "Reduced Fat" option every blue moon if it is for some ingredient that does not represent the main taste of the dish. It's got to be a "supporting actor" if you will.

I thought, "OK, half of the US is eating this stuff, so it can't be that bad (oh, but it was)!" The container was pint-sized and decorated nicely. Fred opened up the container and the first thing I saw was shrinkage! The ice cream had pulled away from the sides of the container. What this means is that the air cells that make up the ice cream's density lost their hold and collapsed. OK, so I guess I am about to eat an airy ice cream, not my favorite.

My spoon dipped into the pint way too easily; there was no resistance at all. I looked up at Fred as if to say, "Uh oh, what am I getting myself into?" I tasted the ice cream. Now usually when you put cold ice cream in your warm mouth, it starts melting right away. No, not this ice cream. I had to literally force it off the spoon! Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl turns out to be the consistency of frozen Cool Whip. (This is not a slam on Cool Whip, I will eat that right out of the bucket!) This ice cream was horrible. It didn't even make me think of ice cream when I was finished with the first bite.

After discovering how airy the ice cream was, I picked up the carton to find that it was extremely light. There was no weight to this ice cream at all. Honestly, the ice cream wasn't even that cold.

And where was the taste? I looked for both vanilla and chocolate tastes and could not find hide nor hair of them. I took a second spoonful into a more saturated fudge swirl area of the container but came up short again on the taste. All I could seem to taste was semi-sweet fatty fluff. The amount of swirls was on the low side. There was a swirl here and there, but nothing really dense.

Several things scared me about the listing of ingredients and what I saw on the nutrition chart. One thing of note, this ice cream has 16% of your daily fiber intake. Ice cream is not supposed to be a major source of fiber. So after you eat this, make sure you are near the facilities. For the most disgusting, eye-opening realization; this ice cream never melted. NEVER! Fred had it out on his desk all day. I think there were a total of 4 spoonfuls taken from the container (it was all we could bare). The ice cream flattened down about 1/4-inch in 3 hours but the spoon marks were still very clear. What about this container is ice cream? Would someone please tell me?

I can't believe the packaging had the nerve to tout "Sinfully Satisfying." Yeah, it was sinful alright. Several hours later I could still taste the nasty aftertaste. Given the choice of eating the suggested 1/2 cup serving of Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl or only one spoon of regular ice cream, believe me I'd take the regular ice cream every time. I regret eating this.
FRED - Total: 6 (out of 20)
First things first, I WANT MY CARBS BACK!!!

The Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl has to be the worst "ice cream" I have ever tasted and I only have myself to blame. After last week's review, Kris and I decided that we should get up the courage to taste one of the new low-carb ice creams that are becoming popular thanks to all the low-carb diets. With that in mind, it was my turn to choose the flavor and I figured there would be nothing better than getting a low-carb ice cream straight from the source of the craze. I never knew how wrong I could be.

Since it will only take a moment, let me talk about the good parts of this "ice cream." The finer points of this "ice cream" start with the packaging and end there as well. It's a pretty picture of vanilla fudge swirl ice cream that looks sinful for being an Atkins diet product. The company obviously spent a lot of time on making the packaging for the Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl and they get a 3 for that. Unfortunately, that time may have been better spent working on finding a taste for this "ice cream."

Why all the quotes around ice cream? This stuff is NOT ice cream. Calling Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl an ice cream is ridiculous. The very first comment I wrote down after the very first bite that I took was, "frozen whipped cream." Unfortunately, that's giving a bad name to whipped cream because a good container of Cool Whip has infinitely more flavor than this product. Even cardboard has more flavor than this product! (Not that I make a habit of eating cardboard, mind you.) The second comment I wrote sums up the Taste score: "no taste." None. Nada. Zilch. Not even a hint. Well, I take that back, there was definitely a hint of taste, but it was only the horrible aftertaste that lasted in my mouth for over an hour after I was finished tasting. How a product can have no taste, yet have such an awful aftertaste is beyond me. Somehow, the people at Atkins have found a way to make this possible.

You might guess that an "ice cream" that is more like "frozen whipped cream" is not going to have any consistency that resembles real ice cream. You would be correct in that assumption. This product had the consistency of air, and weighed about the same as well. Upon picking the flavor I wanted at the supermarket, I felt like somebody was playing a trick on me when I lifted up the container. It was so light that I had to pick up a container of Ben & Jerry's to compare it to. Sure enough, the Ben & Jerry's outweighed the Atkins by about 3 to 1. And the product should have been called "Vanilla Fudge" because there was barely any "Swirl" to be found.

Overall, this ice cream is horrible. I honestly had a conversation with Kris about modifying our scoring system to include a value of "0" just because the Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl was so bad. Alas, we have kept our scoring system as is. But just like signing your name on the SAT is good for a quick 400 points, it's important to remember that all ice creams rated here start off with 4 points just for being selected.

Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl ice cream 2-1/2 hours later...Finally, after we finished tasting this product, Kris and I noticed that it was not melting. We're not exactly in Florida, but it's pretty warm around here. Having been sitting out for about 15 minutes, one would expect a normal ice cream to start showing some signs of melting. Not so with Atkins Endulge Vanilla Fudge Swirl. As I'm typing this, the product has been sitting on my desk for over 6-1/2 hours and it still shows no signs of melting. At this point, the product has started to collapse upon itself and is shrinking in size, but you would get more visible melting from a normal ice cream that has been sitting out for about 10 minutes. The picture above was taken at the 2-1/2 hour mark and looks as if I just took it out of the freezer. There's some scary stuff going on there.