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Ben & Jerry's 'Mint Chocolate Cookie'

"Peppermint Ice Cream with Oxford Creme Cookies"

KRIS - Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie is a dream! I was surprised to see the shrinkage that came with the carton (I've never seen B&J ice cream do this). The smell is minty, the ice cream is packed and instead of chocolate chips are big hunks of three layer sandwich cookies. The only thing that was a bit dissatisfying was the softness of the cookie. It seemed a little too soggy for me. The texture of the ice cream was sinfully creamy and the aftertaste was minty and fresh...almost a Gold Cone.

FRED - As with all Ben & Jerry's ice creams, the container for this ice cream is top notch. You definitely get a feel for what's inside, but I still wondered if the ice cream inside would taste like mint chocolate cookies. We opened the container and saw some shrinkage and I noticed the ice cream looked like Cookies and Creme; it wasn't green. There was some mint smell and that led to the taste that was exactly what I expected. This is a perfect ice cream duplicate of the mint chocolate cookies I used to get when I was a kid. There are cookies throughout and the ice cream is subtle enough that you can eat a lot of it. All around, a great ice cream and almost extraordinary!